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It only takes one line of code. Beautiful charts, automatic anomaly detection, 30-day forecasts. Used by over 7,000 companies.

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Beautiful, accurate views of your stats.

StatHat makes detailed time series charts of your stats. It shows you an overview of your stats allowing you to quickly scan all of them.

When looking at one stat, you get an overview from one hour to one year, all on one page.

You can compare up to five stats at once, at any time interval.

StatHat lets you embed any StatHat chart on any website. You can create an internal dashboard, show off stats to users, or integrate StatHat charts into your application.

    iPhone App: view stats, get push alerts. Free.

The StatHat iPhone app lets you view all your stats and get push alerts sent to your iPhone. It's free for all accounts. Learn more about the iPhone app.

Automatic and manual alerts

StatHat watches your stats like an eagle in its mountaintop nest. If it detects anything out of the ordinary, it will send you an alert. There's no need to set up anything. Just create stats and send in data.

StatHat also has manual alerts. You can set either a value or a percentage change threshold, and a time interval.

You can also tell StatHat to alert you when no data is received for a stat for a period of time.

StatHat's alert system lets you send notifications to:

  • Multiple email addresses
  • Webhooks on your servers
  • Campfire chat rooms
  • Slack channels
  • PagerDuty triggers

StatHat Trends: 30-day forecasts for all your stats.

Know where your stats are headed. StatHat will analyze all your data and create forecasts for you.

With a StatHat Trend forecast, you will have a better understanding of your data. You can use the forecasts to:

  • Figure out when you are going to hit 1,000 users
  • Plan when your DynamoDB queries are going to go above the free tier
  • Make sense of seasonal stats that exhibit periodic patterns

We designed our algorithm specifically for time series data. It's not a simple linear regression.

Easy to integrate, designed for the full team to use.

It's a piece of cake to integrate StatHat into your code. It only takes one line of code. We have libaries for 16 languages and provide customized code you can copy and paste into your projects.

Ruby StatHat::API.ez_post_count("messages sent - female to male", "", 1)
Python stathat.ez_post_count('', 'messages sent - female to male', 1)
Go stathat.PostEZCount("messages sent - female to male", "", 1)
JavaScript _StatHat.push(['_trackCount', 'STATKEY', 1]);
Node.js stathat.trackEZCount("", "messages sent - female to male", 1)
HTML <img src=""/>
iOS [StatHat postEZStat:@"messages sent - female to male" withCount:1.0 forUser:@""];
PHP stathat_ez_count('', 'messages sent - female to male', 1);
Java StatHat.ezPostCount("", "messages sent - female to male", 1.0);
curl curl -d "stat=msg f to m&"
wget wget --post-data "stat=msg f to m&"
Lisp (stathat-ez-count "" "messages sent - female to male" 1)
C# StatHat.Post.EzCounter("", "messages sent - female to male", 1);
Perl stathat_ez_count("", "messages sent - female to male", 1);
Lua stathat.ez_count("", "messages sent - female to male", 1)
Erlang stathat.ez_count("", "messages sent - female to male", 1).

We designed StatHat for your whole team to use, from developer to designer. No more bottleneck of having one person responsible for tracking stats. With all our supported languages, everyone can track whatever is important to them.

Multiple people in your company can access one account. There is no limit to the number of members you can add.

Simple email reports

StatHat sends out a daily summary email containing information on your new, active, and most changed stats.

You can also create daily and weekly email reports with a selection of stats. They can be sent to multiple recipients.

Integration with Status Board

StatHat is an official source for Status Board by Panic. It takes one tap of a button on your iPad to put a StatHat stat into Status Board.

Send alerts to email addresses, webhooks, Campfire, Slack, and PagerDuty

Over 7,000 companies use StatHat to track custom stats

OkCupid,, carbonmade, Soundslice, Upworthy, timehop, TriggerMail, Panic, and over 7,000 other companies use StatHat for their custom stat tracking.

StatHat is perfect for start-ups and small companies: concentrate on your product, leave the stat tracking to StatHat.

Handling 2.1 billion API calls per day

StatHat has been tracking stats for over three years. The companies using StatHat send in over two billion stat data points every day.

Get your stat data out

Your data is yours, so we provide many ways for you to get it.

We have an API that allows you to get data for your stats in JSON at any time interval. You can also download stat data in CSV format with the click of a button on the stat details page.

Born at OkCupid

StatHat has its roots at OkCupid, an incredibly data-centric company. StatHat was inspired by an internal tool at OkCupid for tracking custom stats that helped improve OkCupid in many ways.

StatHat has enough features and benefits not found in the internal tool that OkCupid now uses StatHat.

OkCupid's first CTO founded StatHat. All the OkCupid founders are advisors and investors.

Free for 10 stats, $99/month for unlimited usage

You can use StatHat for free for up to 10 stats. Your free account will never expire.

Once you are addicted, you can upgrade for $99/month for unlimited usage (technically speaking, 10,000 different stats), with no plans or tiers or other limits to worry about.