package jconfig

import ""

Install: go get

This is a Go package to parse a configuration file using JSON.

It's really simple (under 100 lines of code) and does nothing fancy. We wouldn't have bothered releasing it except that a few other projects we will be releasing depend on it.


Write your config file as a JSON object. For example:

        "host_and_port": ":9556",
        "environment": "production",
        "priority_level": 20,
        "alert_recipients": ["patrick", "gus"]

Load the config file:

config := jconfig.LoadConfig("/etc/super.conf")

Get some values out of it:

if config.GetString("environment") == "production" {
    // ...
sender := NewSender(config.GetInt("priority_level"))
sender.Recipients = config.GetArray("alert_recipients")

That's all it does.