StatHat's origins trace back to OkCupid in February, 2004. As soon as OkCupid launched, it was readily apparent that we needed a way for everyone in the company to track custom stats and view them in real-time. We built an internal tool to do this that we used for years to track thousands of stats about users' behaviors, performance of the system, improvements to algorithms.

StatHat was created in 2011 by Patrick Crosby with seed funding from the OkCupid founders. The goal was to develop a tool for anyone to track custom stats to improve their business and applications. StatHat has grown to have many features that we didn't have in the internal OkCupid tool and is proving to be an essential tool for thousands of companies.

Patrick Crosby


Patrick has been writing code for over two decades, building software for heart-assist devices, video games, online dating systems, and mobile apps. He was the Founder of XB Labs and CTO at OkCupid.

Sam Yagan

Board Member

Sam is the CEO of and OkCupid. He was a Co-founder of OkCupid, SparkNotes, and TheSpark.

Chris Coyne


Chris is currently building Chris was a Co-founder of OkCupid, SparkNotes, and TheSpark.

Max Krohn


Max is currently building Max was a Co-founder of OkCupid, SparkNotes, and TheSpark.

Christian Rudder


Christian is the General Manager and Editorial Director of OkCupid. He was also the Editorial Director of

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