1. To post stats with HTML IMG tags, we don't recommend using the EZ API as it would expose the EZ Key for your account in your HTML source. So, you have to create a stat with the web interface. first.

2. You need two keys to post with the classic api, your user key (YOUR_CLASSICKEY) and the key for the stat, which you can find on the stat details page. Let's just say it is XXXXXXXXXX.
3. Add an image tag to your HTML file and every time the page is loaded by someone, it will post the stat to StatHat:
<strong>My website is awesome!</strong>
<img src="http://api.stathat.com/c?ukey=YOUR_CLASSICKEY&key=XXXXXXXXXX&count=1"
    style="display:none;" width="1" height="1"/>
4. Go to the stats page to see your stats!

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