StatHat's alert system notifies you when your stats change. It can look for anomalies automatically or you can set manual alerts based on levels, changes, or data receiving intervals. StatHat can notify you when an alert is triggered via email, webhooks, PagerDuty, Campfire, or Slack.

Automatic alerts

The easiest way to monitor your stats is to use the automatic alert system. It analyzes your stats constantly, looking for anomalies using a custom detection algorithm. You don't have to configure anything or update any settings as baseline values change.

StatHat lets you configure where you want your automatic alerts sent. You can choose any combination of your alert destinations.

Manual alerts

With manual alerts, StatHat can detect when:

  • a stat goes above or below a value
  • it changes by more than a specific percentage
  • it doesn't receive any data for a time period

StatHat lets you assign a default set of alert destinations for all manual alerts. You can also uniquely configure the destinations for each individual alert.

Alert destinations

StatHat can send your alerts to a variety of destinations: email addresses, webhooks, PagerDuty, Campfire, and Slack.

On the alert destinations settings page you enter all your destinations. Then on the settings page you configure the default destinations for automatic and manual alerts. When you create a manual alert, you can select destinations just for that alert, overriding the defaults.

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